New Album Released August 4

As it was then, became what it is now.

It happened on the Canadian shield.

Driving North on Highway 6 towards Guelph, Ontario, just off of the mighty 401, on a cool, mid-August afternoon complete with low cloud ceilings and intermittent showers, an idea was born… 


Honest, Original Canadian Rock


Nickeltree is a Canadian band that has opened for The Sheep Dogs, Library Voices, Rah, Rah, Nazareth, Limblifter, The New Meanies, The Mahones, Prism, Harlequin, Big Sugar, Northern Pikes, and Jack Semple.

They have also performed at various festivals and shows like Canadian Country Music Week (Regina), Rock N' The Valley (Craven), Big Valley Jamboree (Craven), and Prairie Music Week (Saskatoon). They've shared the stage with such bands as Collective Soul, Nickelback, 54-40 and Blue Rodeo.  They've hit such memorable venues as Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern, El Mocambo, Lee's Palace, The Opera House and the Reverb.  As well, Nickeltree has perfomed at Saskatoon's "Taste of Saskatchewan" and Ness Creek festival.  Many more smaller but no less significant venues from across Western Canada and Ontario have also played host to the band. 

Albums & Repertoire

The band has has produced 6 full-length, original albums including the self-titled Nickeltree (1998), Weatherproof  (2000), Verstehen (2001), Middle to Nowhere (2004) and The Skies are Threatening (2008) and the 2013 release of "Countermeasures". All are available for sale on Itunes.   

Distance, Geography & Circumstance

Although separated by distance, geography and circumstance, the group continues to flourish and prosper and continues to defy the odds to create a truly Canadian product.  “No Band is an Island”, and neither is our precious planet.  We're exploring this musical experience the best way we know how… if you'd like to share in it, please contact us.

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